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The core value of Jhini Chadariya is built with the intention of mere helping the handloom artisans and weavers get to market so that they can utilize more of their time to practice the art instead of learning marketing skills with the advancing times. Not just the art, the authenticity and the cultural value takes a toll when the artist is also expected to be enterprising – that’s not his job. On the contrary, the artist has to feed his family and receive the right response to his craft to maintain his own standard of living. This is where we come in. We offer this platform to handloom weavers and handcraft artisans who have a strong product but there is no demand for their product. The weavers and artisans who are focused, skilled, dedicated to their art and practice it with a 100% authenticity, who need our help to showcase their story with the digital language that people understand. Such weavers and artisans are welcome to fill up the given form and contact us for collaborations.

Kindly note, Jhini Chadariya does not support anything that is machine-made or contains synthetic fabrics. We offer our hand to collaborate only with the handloom weavers, handicraft artisans, or other brands with the same values.

Please fill this form to show your interest in doing business with us. After submitting the complete form, please wait a few days for us to revert you back.