Get to know Jhini Chadariya

Jhini chadariya founder
Dr. Archana Jain (Founder)
Jhini Chadadariya is Dr. Archana Jain’s brainchild. Her fascination and love for fabrics was very strong since childhood. At the tender age of eleven, she was already shopping for the material that will be used in her school uniform and dress materials for herself, without taking anyone’s support or help. Her fascination has led her to complete a graduation and a post-graduation degree in clothing and textiles from MS University, Baroda. furthermore, she got honoured a PhD in clothing and textiles from Bhopal. Dr. Archana Jain has donned several hats in the career-span of over 25 years. From just another textile student, she became a housewife, and then, a teacher, graduated to be an academician, a research scholar and now, she is an entrepreneur. Her passion for handlooms and Indian textiles goes beyond a business venture. She loves to travel across India, meet the weavers, artisans, textile craft-persons and interact with them. Writing and sharing her travel stories came naturally to her. The more she met them, she realised that the only way to help an artisan, a craft or a craft centre is to help them get to the market and sell their products. Working with the artisans, helping them improve their products in whichever way possible, giving them and their products the exposure and a platform to sell their products gave birth to a Facefabook page where it all began, known as Jhini Chadariya.

Our Mission

To help the handloom industry flourish worldwide and most importantly, help the artisans get the value, support and lifestyle they deserve.

Our Vision

To create a platform big enough to encourage as many artisans as possible, in some way or the other, so that the currently-dying art of making authentic handlooms is never in danger again, even with the influx of advanced technology in the clothing and textile industry.

Jhini Chadariya: A Brand Born Out of Passion

As we describe our little journey with utmost pride, we are grateful to all the women who have supported us and had their trust in the handlooms from the start. Their encouragement is the reason we could ever achieve what we have today. Jhini Chadariya is a brand under Jinshakh Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Jhini chadariya is a journey in quest for traditional handcrafted textiles of India. A Journey of exploration, travel, discovery of fabrics, hand crafted by extremely talented artisans and craftsmen languishing in remote areas and corners of our country. From only a visit to one craft centre, this endeavour went on to become a passion with each travel destination. This journey which started in November 2015, in less than two years, has endorsed artisans from Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Rajasthan and now moving to southern states and West Bengal. The concept behind Jhini Chadariya was to meet the artisans, know the craft, understand processes and the artisans lifestyle. During the very first encounter with the artisans it was realised that the artisan needed to sell their products, all they wanted was an appreciation in the form of purchase. While some of them are well aware of the modern marketing channels and are well-versed with the technology, there were many more who needed a platform for selling their product. A patron to guide them with the design process, product development, product diversification, and most importantly, help them sell the product. This is where jhini chadariya was born – from a facebook page to share the travel stories, artisan stories, craft stories and a platform to sell the products of the artisans who we met, whose stories we shared. Crafts that we discovered, products of artisans that we met, revival projects and new product development initiatives have since been done successfully and some not so successfully by Jhini Chadariya. 

Jhini Chadariya started as a passion to tell the Indian Handloom story through personal travel logs and write-ups inspired by the elaborate experiences of Dr. Archana Jain, Founder of Jhini Chadariya, who is also a former clothing and textile professor and a PhD holder in the subject. She has an extensive knowledge regarding the handloom industry and the dangers handloom artisans are facing in India in the recent times. At first, She decided to make her way to popular handloom weaving clusters in the areas of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh where she got acquainted with the problems handloom weavers face in the creation of each master piece. Through personal conversations and some guidance, she helped them market their business. Get a word of mouth as well as clientele with a little added help from social media. In her pursuit, she created a platform, today known as Jhini Chadariya, where she showcased products from the weavers in need, who had the handlooms she genuinely believed in, with all their authenticity. Eventually, her passion had her designing with these weavers to make the handlooms that are high in demand. This strategy helped the brand attain consistent growth while keeping its products original and kept the collaborating handloom weavers at a financial ease.

Jhini Chadariya’s First Steps

Jhini chadariya the name was coined by the founder amid criticism and non-acceptance by young in the family as they thought this name would not be a good brand name as it is not modern and catchy, difficult to remember, old fashioned, doubtful recall value. Since they did not come up with a better option this was accepted as a temporary brand name which would be changed later. Today jhini chadariya has made its place on the internet as a saree brand. 

The concept behind the name jhini chadariya was that it represented everything that the founder wanted, jhini chadariya literally means sheer fabric; a piece of cloth worn by women to cover their bodies is referred to as chadariya; jhini chadariya is a poem by sant Kabir who was a weaver by profession and compares life to the warp and weft of a loosely woven cloth to express his philosophy on life. And later we realised that the initials JC were same as the founder’s late father’s initials. Everything was falling into place and the name JHINI CHADARIYA stayed with us. Today it is our registered brand and trade name.

Our investments when we started were mainly into travelling which was more like family weekend getaways. Our first destination Bagh in Madhya Pradesh was a one day visit, upon reaching Kukshi we enquired about the printers and got in touch with one small time printer who took us around, showed us all the processes and locations and explained the process of hand block printing and alizarine dying. We did go there with some information about Bagh and Kukshi but we went there with an open mind and without any agenda. The joy of exploring and finding what fate has reserved for you was the charm of this journey and as time passes and we go from one trail to another we find this to be more exiting rather than a well-planned guided tour. Our investments in products on this tour was a mere INR10,000/- as we did not wish to invest and block too much money, the products were bought only for collection and for some friends who wished to own sarees procured directly from the artisans. Business and Jhini Chadariya were yet to be conceptualised back then.